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Paper Deadline: March 31st 2014

- Full papers or Final Draft for the parallel session
- Abstracts for the poster session 

Paper acceptance: April 17th

Reservation Deadlines
Early Registration: April 21st
Normal Registration: May 19th
Late Registration until June 24th

IRMC is proudly presented by

The Risk, Banking and Finance Society



Altman on Italy's membership in Euro






© The Risk Banking and Finance Society 

Review of Finance - Special issue IRMC2014:

Eligibility and submission process:
1. All papers presented in the regular sessions in IRMC 2014 are eligible. Preference would be given to
papers that fit the theme of the conference.
2. All submissions should be sent to the Review of Finance, indicating that the submission is for the IRMC2014 special issue and that there is no submission fee.
3. The submissions will be handled by Prof. Franklin Allen, the managing editor of the RoF and the guest editor Prof. Menachem Brenner.
4. All submission will undergo the normal process of the RoF but we will make an effort to expedite the process.
5. There is no guarantee that a special issue will be published, it will depend on the number of papers accepted for publication. However, a paper that was accepted will be scheduled for publication in one of the regular issues of the RoF.
6. The deadline for submission is October 15, 2014.

To submit your paper please follow the link below:  

IRMC 2014 Photo and Video galleries

List of videos
Photo gallery 


Letter from the organizers

Dear Participants,
After returning to Florence I’m back in my office to write my usual message after the IRMC.
I hope you enjoyed IRMC 2014 as much as I did and the questionnaire you have filled will help us in understanding the level of satisfaction.
I remain open to comments, critics and suggestions for improving the quality.
As you know the success/failure of a complex event like a conference depends on several factors:
- The participants – all of you!!!
- The quality of the paper presented – your capabilities
- The infrastructure
- The funding – Sponsors and Fund raisers
and only at last
- The conference organizers
For this reason I would like to start thanking you all for your participation. My special thanks goes to the Host Institution (SGH WARSAW SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS) in particular to the colleagues and friends Malgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska for the excellent job done so far. To them and to all the SGH Staff, congratulations!
Secondly, there is no good Conference without distinguish Keynotes. This is the reason why I'm grateful to Franklin Allen, Menachem Brenner, Edward Altman, Bing Liang, Sanjiv Das, Dobieslaw Tymoczko and Santiago Carbo-Valverde for the outstanding presentations delivered at IRMC 2014. In the next future we will inform you about the availability of the videos in our website.
For now I posted on my public page in Facebook some pics you want to have a look at in clicking here 
Finally, a special mention goes to the conference sponsors.

Presentations and papers presented and authorized for publication will be soon on the IRMC Website
Soon the website will be enriched with a Beneficiary Members IRMC2014 - Intranet Area  where you will be able to download the papers authorized for on line-publication and the keynote speaker presentation. The password for this area will be communicated by email! 

The RBF Membership and the RBF Gold Membership - In our ambition The Risk, Banking and Finance Society aims to become an agorá where all knowledge about Risk Management will be shared amongst the members. To reach this objective I need you on board by enrolling as Ordinary Member or as Gold Member and by participating in the project Committees listed in our website (
For the following years if you decide to participate again in the IRMC Conferences your membership will be automatically renewed. In the event that you do not decide to participate in the IRMC Conferences a small annual fee must be paid according to the Membership section on our website in order to take advantage of our events. Of course you can contribute with a greater donation and become a Supporting Associate or ask friends and companies you are connected with to join as Individual or Corporate Associates. RBF Gold Membership 2014 will include a complimentary copy of the book “Managing and Measuring Risk. Emerging Global Standards and Regulations After the Financial Crisis” and a copy of the Special Issue on Financial Markets Institutions and Instruments Journal (FMIIJ).Thanks to who have subscribed the RBF Gold Membership 2014! Your support is very precious.

IRMC new publications: The Risk Banking and Finance Society is proud to present the new Oxford University Published book from the last year conference on: "Managing Risk and Opportunity. The governance of Strategic Risk Taking"
This volume, edited by Torben Juul Andersen (CBS Copenhagen Business School) Oliviero Roggi (University of Florence, Italy ) and Maxine Garvey (World Bank IBRD), collects the some of ideas developed during IRMC 2013. To download the book flyer click here 

IRMC Next Year’s Conference – As you know for the next year’s conference we will send soon a "Call for declaration of interest” addressed to all institutions who might have an interest in organizing the IRMC 2015. On this topic you will receive soon a separated email, but, if interested, you might think about it!!!!

RBF double the offer and TOGETHER WITH THE NAGASAKI UNIVERSITY will bring to you THE 1st World Conference on Banking and Finance and Risk 2015 and The 10th International Conference on Asian Financial Markets. DATE: Jan.7-8, 2015, Tokyo, Japan
TOPIC: Financial Markets Stability and Economic Development across the World

I believe this is it for now!!! Thanks again for you participation

I remain open to comments, critics and suggestions for improving the quality.
Thanks again for being an essential part of the Conference. Looking forward to having you at IRMC2015 and WCBFR2015.

Warm Regards,
On behalf of the IRMC Permanent Organizing Committee
Oliviero Roggi 




June 9, 2014 - Conference booklet CLICK HERE!

June 3, 2014 - Updated version of the Parallel Sessions Program (with discussants) CLICK HERE!




Keynote Speakers
Keynote and invited speakers include:  Franklin Allen (Wharton – Upenn), Edward I. Altman (NYU Stern), Sanjiv Das (Santa Clara University), Bing Liang (University of Massachusetts Amherst), the Scientific Committee Chairman Menachem Brenner (NYU Stern), Santiago Carbo Valverde (Bangor Business School) and Dobieslaw Tymoczko (SGH and National Bank of Poland).


Regular topics:
1. Risk management and financial markets
2. Corporate finance & risk management
3. Banking and Financial intermediation

4. Quantitative methods in risk management
5. Economic risks and Accounting Standards
6. The role of derivatives in the financial system
7. Risk governance and compensation
Detailed list of topics is available in the call for papers.


IRMC is organized by:

Permanent Conference Co-Chairmen
Prof. Edward Altman NYU Stern School of Business
Prof. Oliviero Roggi, University of Florence and NYU Stern - (

Host institution
Chairman: Malgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska - Warsaw School of Economics
Andrzey Slawinski, Warsaw School of Economics
Anna Szelagowska, Warsaw School of Economics

Local Committee Team - Warsaw School of Economics
Dr Piotr Bańbuła
Dr Marcin Kawiński
Dr Anna Matuszyk
Dr Piotr Mielus
Dr Aneta Ptak-Chmielewska
Ms. Hanna Rachoń 

Conference Consultants:
Maurizio Dallocchio, Bocconi University
Maurizio Fanni, University of Trieste
Giorgio Bertinetti, University of Venice (2009)
Herbert Rijken - VU University Amsterdam (2011) 
Riccardo De Lisa, Univesity of Cagliari and FITD (2012)
Torben Juul Andersen, Copenhagen Business School (2013)

Conference Management
The Risk, Banking and Finance Society
Tel +39 0552759720
fax +39 0552759109

Skype: irmc2008
Pre-event Conference management
Finanza Firenze Research Centre

Media partners

For more details contact the IRMC conference coordinator

Thank you in advance for your attention and participation. Looking forward to meet you personally at the IRMC2014 conference.

Edward Altman - NYU Stern

Oliviero Roggi - University of Florence and NYU Stern

Malgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska - Warsaw School of Economics