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Thank you letter from the Chairman

Dear Participants,

After returning to Florence and waiting to learn what happened in the today Board of Governor in Luxembourg, I’m back in my office to write my usual message after the IRMC.
I hope you enjoyed IRMC 2015 as much as I did in organizing. Of course comments and suggestions are always welcomed.
As you know the success/failure of a complex event like a conference depends on several factors: The participants, the quality of the paper presented, the funding – Sponsors and contributors, and only at last the conference organizers

The Participants
For this reason I would like to start thanking you all for your participation. My special thanks goes to the three Host Institutions (European Stability Mechanism, European Investment Bank Institute and European Investment Fund) in particular to Kalin Anev (ESM), Francesca Campolongo (JRC), Alain Godard (EIB), Helmut Kraemer-Eis (EIB), Peter Harlow (ESM), Cosimo Pacciani (ESM), Sergio Scandizzo (EIB) ,Tanya Tanayama (EIB) , Pierre Tychon (EIB) for the excellent job done so far. To Cosimo, who have coordinated the Local committee, should go an extra thanks for this effort. 

Keynotes and practitioners
Secondly, there is no good Conference without distinguish Keynotes. This is the reason why I'm grateful to Dan Galai (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Menachem Brenner (NYU Stern) Cristiano Zazzara (Capital IQ), Rajna Gibson (Genève Finance Research Institute) Edward Altman (NYU Stern) and Klaus Regling (Managing Director of the ESM) who gave his keynote speech on: Credit excesses, bubbles and the New European Financial Architecture. The slides of this last speech are available on our website at this link:                                               

(Klaus Regling - Managing Director of the ESM)

To all of them and to the round table guests Francesca Campolongo (JRC), Peter Harlow (ESM), Jobst Neuss (EIF) Giuseppe Lusignani (Prometeia), Sergio Scandizzo (EIB) and Dominique Marchal (ALFI), thank you for the outstanding presentations delivered at IRMC 2015. In the next future we will inform you about the availability of the videos in our website.

Sponsors Acknowledgement
Finally, a special mention goes to the institutions and corporations who have contributed with financial resources. JRC European Commission (, NYU Stern Salomon Center (, Prometeia ( and Luxembourg for Finance (

Presentations and papers presented and authorized for publication will be soon on the IRMC Website
The website has been enriched by a “Beneficiary Members IRMC2015 - Intranet Area” session ( where you will be able to download the papers authorized for online-publication and the keynote speaker presentations available. The full video of the keynotes speeches and round table is expected to be online by late June, together with the news about the Society and the incoming conferences.

IRMC 2016 - Next Year’s Conference in Israel – As announce at the gala dinner is likely that next year’s conference (IRMC 2016) will take place in Israel at Jerusalem where Dan Galai will serve as Co-chair. If you are interested to submit your proposal for IRMC 2017 (10th edition) you can request the "Call for declaration of interest” anytime.

The RBF Membership and the RBF Gold Membership - In our ambition The Risk, Banking and Finance Society aims to become an agorá where all knowledge about Risk Management will be shared amongst the members. To reach this objective I need you on board by enrolling as Ordinary Member or as Gold Member and by participating in the project Committees listed in our website (

I believe this is it for now!!!
I remain open to comments, critics and suggestions for improving the quality of future conferences.
Thanks again for being an essential part of IRMC 2015. Looking forward to having you at IRMC2016.
Warm Regards,
On behalf of the IRMC Permanent Organizing Committee 

Oliviero Roggi